About us

Dualcrewsa studios is a digital marketing & media agency based in Nkomazi. It specialists with digital content and marketing for businesses and brands.

The agency was founded in 2011 by Mr Lucky Sambo with the aim to simplify issues that companies or businesses come across. Using innovative marketing strategies and tools, it is no wonder Dualcrewsa studios is the most preferred agency in Nkomazi.

We focus not only on business but also on media.
Helping people keep their most special moments and memories alive forever by capturing them digitally and with the years of experience, we effortlessly give our clients excellent results.

Our mission

To give our client’s vision life. To perfect and cater for all their digital and/or marketing needs. To give the best digital marketing and media services and go beyond the client’s expectations. Our work speaks for itself, nothing but perfection. Our dedication to making sure that the client gets what they need and more is what sets us apart from the rest because at Dualcrewsa studios we do no give anything below excellence.

Our Vision

is to be the most innovative and effective agency simplifying the needs that most companies avoid. Help cut the cost for our clients by taking the load from them, giving them the most up to date services with cutting edge equipment. Help small business get their brands out there, reach their potential. Give them the opportunity to challenge us. Transform websites and give them life. Be one of the leading agencies in giving excellent and visible products.

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