graphic design


First impressions always last, therefore potential customers are always drawn to a business because of the ways they first view it be it through its Graphic design layouts or content. Here at Dualcrewsa studios, designs are created that will leave a standing impression to your clients. Our team is trained and we offer the best designs there is that satisfy and align with the client’s needs. We create visuals to communicate the message you want to a range of audience like the Logo design, Business cards, Posters and Flyers. 

As a Graphic design company, various modern techniques are used to brand and advertise your business or products which will help boost sales and bring in more clients. Page lay techniques, pictures, typography styles, creative and illustrator designs are used in designing so that we offer the best. We create designs for clients that are original and brand your business as it is and help it stand out from the others in the industry. Our Portfolio is unique and shows you a variety of our previous works and it will help you choose us as your Graphic design company. Some of the designs we offer include the following


Logo designs

Memorable and impactful logos are designed for your company so that clients can easily identify it. A logo design enables you to stand out from other companies as a way of branding. It is made up of an images and words. Our design are unique and are specifically made for you.

business cards

Business cards

They are designed with a unique aspect of visual design so that they bear information about your business or brand. For example your company name, logo design, contact information, services and products you offer. They are portable and easily passed onto clients.

letter heads

Letter heads

A business letterhead is a pre-printed heading on documents like letters, memos, and notes. We design it for you because if you want to reach out to prospective clients, a letter with your custom letterhead at the top can help make your business feel more legitimate.

posters-graphic design


Eye-catching and informative posters are designed for any function or promotional event that you want like musicians events, festivities. Our designs contain both text and graphs so that they can easily communicate to the targeted audience.